Do you go to audio swap-meets?

Audiophiles love good deals and often enjoy communing with other enthusiasts. Do you ever go to audio swap-meets?

Do you go to audio swap-meets?
6% (5 votes)
3% (3 votes)
6% (5 votes)
86% (77 votes)
Total votes: 90

Al Earz's picture

Never heard of one in my area. Sounds like it could be fun or educational.

James's picture

I wish they had audio swap meets in southern Arizona.

walter bird's picture

NYC is the big, sophisticated city, right? So with eagerness I attended an audio swap meet in NYC. What a bunch of junk. Mostly stuff you couldn't even sell on eBay. My first and last time!

Mannie Smith's picture

Here in the "provinces" there are no swap meets.

Al Marcy's picture

My life is a swap meet.

T.O.  Driskel's picture

It sounds like a lot of fun, I love VW swap meets so I'm sure my other passion would be a gas!

Mike Agee's picture

Actually, I didn't know they existed, but then I live in the sticks.

Mark Gdovin's picture

Never has been one that I've been aware of in my 30 years as an audiophile in the Denver area. Would be interesting to attend if one should happen. Anybody out there in Colorado interested in setting one up?

Batipepe's picture

There are no such things here in Mexico.

Donald N.'s picture

I have never run across any.

Travis Klersy's picture

I've never heard of one. If there was one anywhere remotely near by, I certainly would attend.

Gerald Neily's picture

I didn't know there was such a thing.

Aaron Mc.'s picture

There aren't any happening in southeast Texas (Houston) that I know of. If there were, I'd certainly give 'em a try. I personally like the idea of an "Audio Jumble."

md's picture

not unless you count Audiogon.

Andrea's picture

I have never been, but would go if I knew of one and it was nearby.

Ross's picture

Yes, as often as possible. A great way to buy/sell/trade a variety of equipment, and interact with other like-minded folk. I do have to say that the internet and in particular eBay, have had an effect on what ends up at an audio swap meet. Face to face is always nice!

John Mallon's picture

Yes, at least 20% of my CD's are second hand.

Harry, Virginia's picture

Sad to say, I've never attended an audio swap-meet. But, tell me where and when and I'll be there!

Rico C.'s picture

Only If used audio stores (Echo & Fred's in Portland), thrift shops (amazing what's in Goodwill these days), and garage sales count.

Keith Y's picture

What are they?


I wish that I knew where and when they had them in my area (New York/New England), as I would defintely attend every one.

lkerti's picture

The aren't any swap meets in the south Florida area. If there were I would attend

Art Vandelay's picture

I would go to such a thing if I'd have know such a thing existed. If I ever hear of an audio swap meet, I'm there!

Ken @'s picture

Is there a better word to choose beside swap meet? Audio and swap meet is a big clash! I think of swap meet is a place where you can find small scale handicrafts,food, and other miscellaneous cheap household items.

Colin Robertson's picture

Such a thing exists?!

Harold's picture

There just are not any in my area. Would attend if there were any available

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

Everybody acts as though they know everything audio at such swap-meets (I've been to enough of them to know), while 99% of attendees know precious little. It's not even worthwhile to speak with swap-meeters because most of them would be more than happy to pawn off a bogus Marantz 9 on an unsuspecting and vulnerable music lover. Yes, I've seen that happen, as well. My advice? Play it smart! Stick with those whom you know well and have established trust, whether it be an audio salon, a friend or colleague, or a family member (avoid in-laws) to discuss and direct your audio desires.

Joe Evans's picture

I guess I'm out of the loop. I never hear of them. If there are any in the Delaware Valley let me know.

Mark G.'s picture

Never even heard of one.

A.  Clark's picture

It is sad to say, but I don't think I have ever heard of such a thing. Is it just me or where I live? It may be both.