Do you attend classical music concerts?

Do you attend classical music concerts?
Yes and I'm under 30
14% (44 votes)
Yes and I'm over 30
62% (202 votes)
Very rarely
15% (49 votes)
9% (30 votes)
Total votes: 325

Though the recordings sell in <A HREF=" numbers</A>, the real thing continues to thrive. Do you attend classical music concerts?

craig's picture

Have not been to a concert in years. One problem is that, unless you have the bucks to get just the right seats, the sound you often get is not as good as listening to a decent home setup and I can't see my way clear to part with those bucks. Other priorities intrude, like food and shelter for example.

Dave Bennett's picture

I'd like to attend more concerts—but I just don't have the time.

Dimsord's picture

As often as I can. Helps recalibrate my ears providing a reference (Absolute Sound!) for the ongoing struggle to never delude myself that the same sound can be reproduced at home.

Jonathan Allen's picture

Yes, I do. Although I go to the opera more than straight concerts and have done so since my teens.

Rich Chicago, Il's picture

I live in a great city with a fantastic resident orchestra—but I've never experienced it. I need to fix that, but my knowledge of classical music is nil.

Oliver's picture

Most classical concerts don't care about the music, but more about the heroes (the divine conductor, the divine soloist) and about the break with champagne where the ladies can show off their wardrobes. So I rarely attend concerts—unless they feature big names.

Juan Hitters's picture

Here in Buenos Aires, there aren't as many concerts as in NYC, London, or Paris. I would attend many concerts more if I lived in one of those cities.

Rich's picture

Yes, and here in the university town where I live, I increasingly see younger people there.

Daan Vreeswijk's picture

I live in the Amsterdam, close to the Concertgebouw, with one of the greatest acoustics in the world. I would be a fool not to go.

Jim Tavegia's picture

I usually go and hear the ASO in Atlanta once a year and I attend concerts of jazz and classical music at Swartz Auditorium/Emerson Hall at Emory University at least six times a year. The music students at Emory are unbelievably talented and many of those concerts are free. It is surprising to me that there are usually less than 200 in attendance. The five-million dollar Jaeckel Op.45 organ is amazing to hear, even if you are not into organ music.

kbchristian's picture

In dedicated concert halls, you will learn how music really sounds.

millermax10's picture

You haven't really listened to music until you do so in a concert hall. Also, it's always nice to have classical music ringtones so you can show off some of your class whenever the phone rings.

FvK's picture

I live on top of one of the buildings in the Barbican Centre in London and it takes less than five minutes to go from my flat to my seat. I go there about about three times a month to classical concerts.

Jonathan Cohen's picture

Never have the chance.

T's picture

Our local orchestra manages to get a full house every concert evening. I just wish that I could afford a babysitter more often.

Faizal Ali's picture

Usually with my two under-thirty daughters (ages 12 and 14) in tow.

John's picture

I'm very lucky, most of my family are musicians; I can only play the radio.

hal's picture

I sing classical music every week: Byrd, Tallis, Bach, Schutz, and more.

sam's picture

I haven't for a couple of years, but it's money and sitter related. I would like to get back into the habit.

Lee's picture

All the time. Nothing beats the real thing.

Craig in Tucson's picture

I'm barely over 40, darling, and I adore concerts—slim pickins' out here in the desert SW, though.'s picture

Chicago Symphony Orchestra season-ticket holder, 28 years and going strong. Go to a full orchestra concert, you might get hooked, too. It wouldn't hurt and supporting all types of live music is good karma.

Austin's picture

Sounds most like my HD650s with a good tube amp—less air and sparkle than most hi-fis.

Claude Hall's picture

Local college, plus guest performing groups.

Nick's picture

Absolutely! I love it. There is no way—ever—that our systems will be able to reproduce this experience.

Pete's picture

Went to four classical concerts in the last three weeks.

Steve H's picture

Last one I attended was SF Symphony, Beethoven's 7th. Performance was ordinary, sound quality about as good as a decent amp and good speakers give me at home.

Louis P.'s picture

My wife and I started our Carnegie Hall subscription when the hall re-opened. In recent years, prices have gotten so high for the major orchestras, so we have purchased tickets to individual concerts instead. Any yes, the audience does seem to be rather gray nowadays.

Greg Stern's picture

I love going to the local Charleston Symphony and also to local chamber music concerts.

Doug Bowker's picture

Yes, I'm over 30, but I actually got to a lot more when I was under 30. They had good discounts for students and I had more time to track down freebie shows and the like. When you're older and more is going on, it seems like free time gets less as money gets more. In college I saw them all the time, come to think of it, I saw more of all music more back then.