Divoti's "Audiophile" iPhone Case

"The World's First Audiophile Case for the iPhone 4S/4," said the sign. I was intrigued. What does being an audiophile have to do with the choice of iPhone case? It turns out that this case is claimed to improve the sound of music played back from an iPhone through earphones. A collaboration between a company named Divoti and Gutwire, well-known for their affordably-priced cables, the case is made of pure titanium, with some germanium dots in the back. It sells for $180. I asked how titanium and germanium was supposed to improve sound, and was told that it had something to do with negative ions being generated, counteracting the positive ions that are supposedly generated by electronic devices like an iPhone.

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Don't ask too many questions and don't look the reps directly in the eye - the resulting quantum iris effect (patent pending) could result in loss of depth perception.

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I'm an audiophile and I've never heard of such thing. On the first place, real audiophiles are not using iPhones to listen to the music they like on the run, you either have an amazing set up on your car, killer headphones at work, and simillar on your house. And if you are really into listening on the run, you get a Headphone amplifier or a DAC, which also helps you to conserve your battery! In fact, I had problems picking a proper iPhone case because most of all of them, have so small holes for the top jack and the bottom, you can really use a thicker plug there. So after some research I found what I think it's the best case to solve my problem, and it's the Pong Research's cases, which have a pretty look, and open top and bottom for any kind of cables you may need to plug into your phone.