dCS Puccini SACD playback system Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

dCS Puccini: Drawer-loading, dual-laser SACD/CD player with digital volume and balance controls, and upsampling of CD data to DSD or PCM. Digital inputs: 2 S/PDIF on RCA jacks. Word clock In/Out (TTL) on 75-ohm BNC jacks. Digital outputs: 2 S/PDIF on RCA jacks. Analog outputs: balanced on XLR jacks, unbalanced on RCA jacks. Maximum output level: 2V or 6V, selectable. Output impedance: 3 ohms balanced, 52 ohms unbalanced. Frequency response: 10Hz–20kHz, ±0.1dB, Filter 1, CD and SACD playback. Channel separation: >80dB, 20Hz–20kHz. Noise: <–100dB, 20Hz–20kHz. Power consumption: 30W typical, 40W maximum. Control software: v1.12. Display software: v1.20.
Dimensions: 18.1" (460mm) W by 4.4" (110mm) H by 15.8" (400mm) D. Weight: 26.6 lbs (12.1kg).
Serial Number Of Unit Reviewed: DPR6098.
Price: $17,999.

dCS Puccini U-Clock: master word clock. Inputs: USB B-type for audio data; accepts data with bit depths up to 24 and sample rates up to 96kHz. Outputs: TTL word clock on 75-ohm BNC jacks (4) at 44.1kHz or 48kHz; digital audio data via S/PDIF on RCA jacks (2). Clock accuracy: better than ±1ppm when shipped (guaranteed for 12 months from shipping), typically ±0.1ppm when shipped and stabilized. Power consumption: 3W typical, 6W maximum.
Dimensions: 18.1" (460mm) W by 2.3" (58mm) H by 15.8" (400mm) D. Weight: 16.7 lbs (7.6kg).
Serial Number Of Unit Reviewed: None found.
Price: $4999.

Finishes: Black, silver.
Approximate Number Of Dealers: 24. Warranty: 3 years parts & labor from date originally shipped from dCS, nontransferable.
Manufacturer: dCS (Data Conversion Systems), Ltd., Mull House, Great Chesterford Court, Great Chesterford, Saffron Walden CB10 1PF, England, UK. Web: www.dcsltd.co.uk. US distributor: dCS America, PO Box 544, 3057 Nutley Street, Fairfax, VA 22031. Tel: (617) 314-9296. Fax: (703) 940-2442.

dCS (Data Conversion Systems), Ltd.
US distributor: dCS America
PO Box 544, 3057 Nutley Street
Fairfax, VA 22031
(617) 314-9296