dCS Elgar D/A processor System Context

Sidebar 2: System Context

The main digital source was a Mark Levinson No.31 CD transport feeding the Elgar via Madrigal and Illuminati AES/EBU cables and a Meridian 518 jitter-reduction unit. When I sent my No.31 back to Madrigal for updating to No.31.5 status, I used a Meridian 500 to spin CDs. Master tapes of Stereophile's recordings, some sampled at both 44.1kHz and 96kHz, were played back on a Nagra-D digital tape recorder via AudioQuest's new Digital Two AES/EBU cable, while a Sonic Solutions Macintosh-based Digital Audio Workstation was used for the editing mentioned in the text. My reference processor was a Mark Levinson No.30.5.

Preamplifier—when used—was the Mark Levinson No.38S, while power amplifiers were a Pass Labs Aleph 3, a Levinson No.332, or a pair of the new Levinson No.33H monoblocks. Interconnects used were all AudioQuest AudioTruth Lapis X3. Loudspeakers were either B&W Silver Signatures, connected via their integral solid-core silver cables, or Focus Signature 88s bi-wired with AudioTruth Sterling.

All source components and preamps were plugged-in to a Power Wedge 116 Mk.II, itself plugged-in to a dedicated AC circuit and fitted with the Power Enhancer option. -- John Atkinson

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