The Coup de Foudre Party

One of the unofficial highlights of this year's SSI was the by-invitation-only party given by Montreal dealer Coup de Foudre. The genial hosts were Jennifer Cytrynbaum (Store Manager) and Graeme Humfrey (Product Specialist, Store Owner, jazz guitarist, and a recording engineer of 20 years' experience). They had great food and drinks, and they did their utmost to make sure that everyone has a good time. The picture shows Jennifer in her element, along with Wilson’s Peter McGrath (left), Wavelength’s Gordon Rankin (center) and Graeme Humfrey (far right).

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I apologize for my earlier post, but still cannot match up every name with the person, but I am pretty sure which one is Gordon Rankin, and I've seen Peter McGrath demonstrate before...this is all probably my limitation.

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To clear up any confusion, the people in the picture from left to right are: Peter McGrath, undentified man, unidentified man with hand to ear, Gordon Rankin, unidentified woman with glasses, unidentfied woman, Jennifer, Graeme. - JA

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That's Kelly my wife, wonderful party. Next year you should come along and we can hang out at Graeme's studio. You would not believe all the stuff in there. Along with the two 72" monitors there are at least 120 mono, stereo and other compressor, preamps, limiters, eq, 500 series, full rack stuff all tied into what I think is a 64 channel mixing console.


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Actually, the lady with the glasses is Barb, the party crasher. She's frequently spotted in photos of parties throughout the city, usually near the buffet.