Common Wave Hi-Fi's Club Room

There were no seats available. Nor was there any real reason to sit. Assembled partly for the fun of it, with components more common to DJs than audiophiles, Common Wave Hi-Fi's Club set-up was designed for enjoyment plain and simple. You've got to hand it to a dealership/social gathering place that devotes as much time to entertaining its guests as selling equipment. They go hand-in-hand, actually, if you do it right.

Heading the system were Ojas Artbook shelf speakers with horn mod ($5500/pair in this color) and matching CW Custom Stands ($1100/pair). I believe this speaker is also available in kit form. Audio Hungary supplied the A50i 50Wpc class-A integrated amplifier ($9250), Varia Instruments RDM40 4-channel rotary mixer ($3800), Merason the Frerot DAC ($1475) and its Pow1 linear power supply ($950), and Technics vintage 1210mk2 direct-drive turntable ($995). From AudioQuest came a Niagara 1200 power conditioner ($1295) and Thunder, Robin Hood, Water, Cinnamon, and Carbon cabling. And from the system came music.

On this set-up, Lady Blackbird's "Five Feet Tall" made me feel taller than my 5'4".

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Now that's an audio room!

Water, Cinnamon, and Thunder?

I actually know them! I used to hang out with them, plus Summer, Delux, and Diamond back in my wild years.

I once asked Summer if that was her real name and she said, "No, my original name is Spring, but then I got hotter."

To steal from Joan Armatrading, I used to be the sort of person who falls in and quickly out of love.

Those names were a real treat!

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the forthcoming Triangle Art room coverage.

May you ever remain your priceless self.