Coffman Labs “Hand-built in Portland”

Audio Machina speakers were featured in the Coffman Labs room, driven by Manley New Classic SE/PP300 monoblocks, but my attention was drawn to this superbly finished tube preamp from Coffman, the G1-A ($5495, $5795 with remote), which includes a phono stage and headphone output, and is being produced in a limited edition of 500 units. The rest of the system included Music Hall’s MMF9.1 turntable fitted with a Sumiko Blackbird cartridge, Parasound’s great-sounding Halo CD1 CD player, and an Audience Adept Response power conditioner. Also in the room was Coffman’s similar-looking H1-A tubed headphone amplifier ($2295).

Turning over the G1-A, I was struck by the complexity of the hard-wired construction. All the capacitors are oil and paper types, the switches are all 1950s-era NOS, and chokes are used in the signal path rather than resistors. Power-supply rectification is performed with the classic 5AR4 diode tube; and note the careful spacing of the signal-carrying conductors.

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Lovely platter on that MMF 9.1. Looks even better than the 5.1, of course!!

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I have owned a G1-A for over a year now and it's "bested" some very formitable front ends. Study Coffman Lab's web site, every criticism in your full article was addressed. The guy doesnt do anything half way.  I have had the pleasure of speaking with him and his attention to detail on this preamplifier is second to none.  I cant find anything out there with this build and sound quality for the money.  American craftsmanship at it's absolute finest. He backs up each unit with a full warranty and I have had no problems to date.  I am dissapointed it didnt receive higher praise.