Cardas Ear Speakers

Cardas’ Andy Regan enthusiastically introduced me to his company’s EM5813 Model 2 in-ear monitor ($425; a more efficient, but less refined Model 1 version costs $325). The EM stands for “ear mirror,” as the device was designed to mirror the human ear system; the numbers 5813 are part of the Fibonacci Sequence, which remains integral to all Cardas designs.

In a previous discussion with InnerFidelity’s Tyll Hertsens, George Cardas explained that he designed the EM5813 largely out of frustration with other in-ear monitors. The attractive EM5813s fit snugly and comfortably in my ears, and, though I listened for just a few moments, I noted a transparent and detailed sound that was easy to listen to and enjoy.

Stephen Mejias (right) snaps Andy Regan holding the Cardas "ear mirrors." (Photo: John Atkinson)

Build quality of both the monitor housing and formidable cable was excellent. And though I trust the price of the EM5813 is fair, I nevertheless think $425 is a lot of money for something that gets worn on my body and inserted into my ears. Regan says a lower-priced model is expected to come in at around $199.