Woo Gets Them Young

The highly interactive Woo Audio room opened their doors to anyone who could pick up a set of headphones. Here a young audiophile listens to a new Woo headphone amp prototype, the GES MkII. Compared to the original GES, the Mk.II has a “wider voltage swing for greater speed and dynamic range.” It will be available for approximately $3500.

Woo Audio was SM's favorite listening experience at the show. Read more here

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As you will see from Stephen's blog, attendees were listening to fabulous sounding tracks from M•A Recordings' catalogue. Many of these tracks were recorded in DSD. The Bay Area Audiophile Society hosts an M•A Recordings DSD listening party with Todd Garfinkle on Saturday, May 11, at mi casa in East Oakland, CA. BAAS membership is required. For membership information, see baasnotes.com.