California Audio Labs CL-20 DVD-V/CD player Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

California Audio Labs CL-20: DVD/CD player with remote control and HDCD capability. DAC outputs: 96kHz sampling, 4Hz-44kHz (DVD); 48kHz sampling, 4Hz-22kHz (DVD); 44.1kHz sampling, 5Hz-20kHz (CD). Audio S/N: 110dB (20-bit resolution). Dynamic range; 100dB. THD: 0.005%. Analog audio output voltage: 2V RMS. Analog audio output impedance: <50 ohms. Outputs: two Dolby Digital AC-3 5.1/48kHz PCM digital (coax and TosLink), two 24-bit/96kHz PCM digital audio (double-speed coax and AES/EBU). RS-232 digital interface for future software upgrades/control. Composite and S-video outputs.
Dimensions: 17" W by 5" H by 14.25" D. Weight: 20 lbs net.
Serial number of unit reviewed: 0108.
Price: $2495 (1999); no longer available (2004). Approximate number of dealers: 140.
Manufacturer: California Audio Labs, P.O. Box 1218, 113 Taylor Way, Blue Lake, CA 95525. Tel: (707) 668-1736. Fax: (707) 668-1923. Web:

California Audio Labs
P.O. Box 1218, 113 Taylor Way
Blue Lake, CA 95525
(707) 668-1736