California Audio Laboratories Aria Mk.III CD player Specifications

Sidebar 3: Specifications

Description: CD player with tubed output stage and 18-bit D/A converters with 8x-oversampling digital filter. Tube complement: two 6DJ8s.Frequency response: 10Hz–20kHz, +0dB, –1.8dB. THD: 0.005%. S/N Ratio: 96dB (A-weighted).
Dimensions: 19" (483mm) W by 12.4" (315mm) D by 5.5" (140mm) H. Weight: 25 lbs.
Price: $2395 (1991); no longer manufactured (2009). Approximate number of dealers: 95.
Manufacturer: California Audio Labs, Huntington Beach, CA 92641 (1991). California Audio Labs, 113 Taylor Way, Blue Lake, CA 95525 (1998); no longer trading (2009).