B&W John Bowers Silver Signature loudspeaker Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Two-way, stand-mounted, reflex-loaded loudspeaker with Matrix cabinet construction, remote crossover, and all-silver wiring. Drive-units: 1" (25mm) metal-dome tweeter, 7" (170mm) woven-Kevlar cone woofer. Measured crossover frequency: 4.2kHz. Electrical crossover slopes: 2nd-order low-pass, 12dB/octave; 3rd-order high-pass, 18dB/octave. Frequency response: 100Hz-15kHz ±1.5dB, 1/3-octave-weighted; 35Hz-22kHz, -3dB in typical listening room. Channel matching: typically within 0.25dB. Sensitivity: 88dB/W/m (2.83V). Nominal impedance: 8 ohms (minimum 5.6 ohms). Amplifier requirements: 30-120W.
Dimensions: 17.75" (450mm) H by 10" (254mm) W by 9.625" (300mm) D. Weight: 23 lbs (10.5kg) each.
Serial numbers of units tested: 00407/00408.
Finishes available: Bird's-Eye Maple Grey, Bobinga Root.
Price: $8000/pair inc. matching 21.5" Welsh slate stands, crossovers, and loudspeaker cables. Approximate number of dealers: 20.
Manufacturer: B&W Loudspeakers, Ltd., Meadow Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 2RX, England. Tel: (44) 903-820415. Fax: (44) 903-820419. US Distributor: B&W Loudspeakers of America, P.O. Box 8, 54 Concord Street, North Reading, MA 01864-0008. Tel: (800) 370-3740. Fax: (508) 664-4109.