Buy Music, Get Hi-fi at In Living Stereo

There was a time not too long ago when my favorite NYC hi-fi dealer lived side-by-side with my favorite NYC record shop: In Living Stereo occupied a small space at 13 East 4th Street, with Other Music right next door at lucky number 15. Complete ecstasy was so close, so obvious. I often dreamed of tearing down the dusty old wall that separated the two, in essence creating my ideal world—all the hi-fi and music I could ever want, in one beautiful space. Music lovers might finally realize that there were options besides just boomboxes and Beats; and, similarly, audiophiles might finally see that the world of new music is vast, vibrant, and thriving.

So, I was a little disappointed when, in the fall of 2011, I learned that In Living Stereo would be abandoning their small space on East 4th Street. It seemed my dream of merging hi-fi and record shop would never come true. Never, never, never.

Happily, however, I was wrong: Not only was In Living Stereo staying in the neighborhood—the shop moved almost exactly one block to 2 Great Jones Street—it was now also incorporating a record shop. Art Dudley reported on this in October 2011.

In the time since the move, I’ve often wondered which aspect of In Living Stereo attracts the most people: Is it the records or the gear? Further, I’ve wondered if one has had any influence over the other. Do curious audiophiles venture into the LP shelves? Do innocent crate diggers wander into the listening rooms? Has the music generated a greater awareness of the gear? Or do the two remain completely separate despite their shared environment?

These are the things I worry about.

But maybe I should stop worrying. This New Year is looking to be very good year indeed. In Living Stereo seems determined to make my dreams come true: From now until the end of time, 15% of all record purchases made at In Living Stereo will be credited toward stereo equipment and accessories. Now, my brothers and sisters, the music you buy will help pay for that turntable you’ve always wanted. Because our journey is not complete until we have a Rega RP8 on which to spin our new Lee Gamble album. [Applause.] In Living Stereo has them both in stock now.

dalethorn's picture

I see the answer right there in the photo of that room. The big, wide leather sofa. The dedicated listening environment that states its purpose at first glance. You can't sit there and not enjoy.