Bryston B-60R integrated amplifier El Bee's Associated Components

Sidebar 1: El Bee's Associated Components

Comparisons were made with the JoLida SJ 502A integrated amp, and also with the Sonic Frontiers Anthem PRE 1L/AMP 1 combo. Analog playback: Linn Axis turntable, Linn Basik Plus tonearm (with stock Linn wiring), Benz Micro Glider cartridge. A VTL 2.5 preamp and the Anthem PRE 1P phono stage were used for their phono sections (reviews of both forthcoming), linked via XLO Pro Type 100 interconnects. Digital playback: Enlightened Audio Design CD-1000 CD player, connected via Synergistic Research Alpha. Speakers: NHT 2.5i and Joseph Audio RM-7si Signatures on Lovan stands. Speaker cables: Cardas Crosslink 1, single-wired. Headphones: Grado SR-60.

Accessories: Audio Power Industries Power Wedge 116 and 110, Power Enhancer, and Power Link power cords. Can't live without my Nitty-Gritty Model One LP cleaner, with N-G's Pure-2 cleaner and topped with LAST No.2 preservative. A Hunt EDA record-cleaning brush was employed just prior to playing LPs. The stylus was cleaned with a soft brush or a Signet SK305 electronic cleaner with matching fluid, with the now'n'then application of LAST's STYLAST stylus preserver. Flux was busted by a Sumiko FB-1 Fluxbuster. Most stuff sat on Bright Star Audio Big Rocks, which kept the bad vibes under control. Cones from Michael Green and DH Cones, as well as the G-Flex M1 "Balls Of Steel," sat beneath various components. An Arcici Superstand II and my homemade MDF-and-wood amp stand provided good foundations. RoomTunes CornerTunes were used, as well as my own homebrewed panels.—Lonnie Brownell

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