Bryston 10B electronic crossover System

Sidebar 2: System

Analog Sources: VPI HW-19 Mk.V with a Bright Star TNT base, Souther Tri-Quartz arm mounted with a Denon DL103/van den Hul, and van den Hul MC-1 cartridges.
Digital Sources: SOTA Vanguard CD player, Magnavox 582 with Boulder SoundWorks analog circuit mod, and EAD 7000 D/A driven by a PS Audio Lambda CD transport.
Preamps: Denneson JC-80 Mk.2 gold, Atma-Sphere MP-1, Quicksilver, Encore Electronics 102.2, and Vendetta SCP-2A phono preamp.
Power amps: Parasound HCA-2200 II, Boulder 250AE, and Atma-Sphere MA-1.1.
Loudspeakers: Apogee Full-Range Loudspeakers.
Interconnects: Straight Wire Virtuoso, AudioQuest Diamond, Virtual Audio ART, and Esoteric Artus and WireWorld Eclipse (both balanced and single-ended).
Speaker cables: Straight Wire Maestro bi-wire, WireWorld Eclipse, and AudioQuest Clear.
Accessories: Acoustic Sciences Tube Traps, Sorbothane pucks and Target speaker stands (for amps), Fluxbuster, The Original Cable Jacket Wraps, Music and Sound ferrite beads, AudioQuest and DynaClear ferrite clamps, AudioQuest record brush, Nitty Gritty record-cleaning machine, Radio Shack sound-pressure–level meter, Kleenmaster Brillianize CD cleaner, and the collected works of R. Crumb.—Steven Stone

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