Bliss Acoustics, AudioNec, Nagra, Gryphon Audio, Aurender, Playback Designs, Luna Cables, Computer Audio Design, Modulum Audio, Stillpoints

All prices in Canadian dollars.

If the AudioNec Evo 3 speakers ($125,000/pair) in the top photo look familiar, it's no accident. They're from the same company that made the Evo 1 speakers in my last Luna Cables / Thöress report. But this time, they have three more modules, so the Evo 3 is much taller than the Evo 1.

This was a high-level sounding system. It should be because of the exclusivity of its components. These included a Nagra Reference Anniversary turntable ($232,500) with a Nagra Reference MC cartridge ($24,500). Also, a tube, class-A Nagra HD phono stage ($115,000), a 333Wpc dual-mono Gryphon Audio Diablo 333 integrated amplifier ($34,280), Computer Audio Design GC 1.1 and GC 3.1 ground controls ($3100 and $7500, respectively), Modulum Audio Arkitek Series racks (from $7075), Stillpoints Aperture ll panels and stands ($1300 and $975), along with myriad cables from Luna Cables' Rouge series (various prices).

Also demoed but not in use when I visited: a Nagra lV-S/QGB analog recorder ($37,550), an Aurender N20 network player ($17,500), and a Playback Designs MPS-8 SACD player/DAC ($33,750).

Is there anything I can say that won't be too obvious? This system produced some of the most sophisticated and compelling sound at the show. It had gorgeous tone, grand scale, and waves of fine detail. It also had tonal purity, musical grace, and an atmospheric, harmonic fullness. This sound was easy to sink into and hard to break out of.

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new state of the art turntable. Luna cables. No surprise from this description: "It had gorgeous tone, grand scale, and waves of fine detail."