Sharing a Hilton ballroom with Legacy and AVM, the Austrian Ayon tube amplification was being demmed with Lumenwhite Artisan speakers ($40k/pair). Source was the new Ayon Music Server and two-box preamp. Listening to Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall," I thought the sound was better than it had any right to be given the suboptimal acoustics. Then I spotted some of the Synergistic ART Acoustic bowls on the walls—my left brain knows these silly little bowls can have no audible effect on room acoustics in the audio range; my right brain was busy telling my feet to tap!

I don't believe Legacy and AVM were using the ART Acoustic bowls in their half of the ballroom—that system's sound on the same Pink Floyd track didn't have the focus and coherence that it did on the Ayon/Lumenwhite system.

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I have yet to audition any Ayon products. I certainly hope that Ayon will have a demo room at Axpona in Atlanta this go-round.

I wonder how the Lumenwhite's compare to the Tidal's? Alot of resemblance.

By the way...The Ayon folks certainly know what good music is..lol! ;-)

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AXPONA has signed on for a Chicago Show March 8-10 2013. You can get there from any airport for a song, sorry bout that, and a free ride from O'Hare to the Doubletree by Hilton. It is going to be a great start to the Midwest Show.