Aux 33 Tours

The mystery of the Sanyo JCX 2600K stereo receiver that I wrote about in an earlier blog posting is solved. I went back to the booth of Aux 33 Tours, a Montreal store that sells used new CDs and LPs, and there it was, combined with a Revolver turntable. Aux 33 Tours' Christian Provost told me that they bought the Sanyo receiver from a widow whose husband had been a music lover/audiophile. In addition to a record collection—which they bought—he had two of these receivers, one that he had used on a regular basis, and the other that he kept as a spare, in case the first one broke down. It was still in the box, sealed in plastic. That's the unit that was at the show. No wonder it looked to be in good shape! The picture shows Christian Provost playing—what else?—a record.

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It's, which you can also access by clicking the external link at the bottom of the post.

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I think some investigative reporting is in order and I won't be satisfied until you've reported on every single vinyl shop in Montreal. And NYC. And NJ. And...

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Okay, I'm on it, but I'll need some time.

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How about telling us their web site, if they have one?

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Excellent - time is on our side. It could be a mini-series, the Dickens approach, Stephen's vinyl shopping installments from around-the-world. Illustrated of course.