The AudioQuest Jitterbug

As I was leaving the Venetian after closing up the Stereophile room on the last day of CES, I bumped into AudioQuest's Steve Silberman in the elevator. "I've got one left, take it," he said and handed me the little USB thingie in my photograph. "It's going to cost $49 and will be available in the spring."

I have been chained to my desk since then, working on this CES report, so I haven't had the time to do any serious listening. But I refer you to AudioStream's Michael Lavorgna here, where he writes "According to AudioQuest, Jitterbug is a dual-function USB line conditioner. . .the company points to two distinct areas of improvement, VBUS and line conditioning for data, as well as improvements in S/N ratio and a reduction in jitter and parasitic resonances," and concludes "49 bucks buys you some of the soundest improvements I've heard for anywhere near the price."

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I use an Aqvox USB power conditioner that basically replaces the power part of the USB from the computer. They state the effectiveness of that product depends on the DAC design. Specifically, Aqvox states there will be no sonic benefit if the USB receiver in the DAC is powered via the DAC circuit (vs. powered from the computer). It sounds like this product is helping both data and power? It would be interesting to understand the extent to which the benefits are tied to power vs data. However, I tend to think "who cares" at $45. My curiousity is more in understanding.

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The Houston Audio Society had a chance to hear the impact that jitterbug made thanks To our local rep (David). Wow it doesn't make much sense but hearing is believing and many us have asked David to get us one via one of AudioQuest's distributors. We tried to steal his sample but to no avail we are anxiously awaiting this $49 wonder. PS we are told two of them make a smaller but real increase. The second one can be plugged in to any open USB. Hearing is believing - Thanks AudioQuest and David

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the Jitterbug is from iFi's iPurifier. Anyone crack open both products and compare the internal guts?