Audio Research Classic 60 power amplifier Specifications

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Description: stereo, hybrid tube/FET power amplifier. Tube complement: four matched pairs of low-gas 6550s, four 6FQ7/6CG7s. Maximum power output: at least 60W into 16 ohms (20.8dBW), 15Hz-20kHz, with less than 1% THD; typically 62W at 1kHz with 120V AC line. Power bandwidth (-3dB): 12Hz-40kHz. Input sensitivity: 550mV RMS for rated output. Input impedance: 100k ohms. Output regulation: approximately 0.3dB, 16 ohms to open circuit (equivalent to an output impedance of 0.56 ohms—damping factor quoted as approximately 30). Negative feedback: 20dB. Slew rate: 20V/µs. Risetime: 2µs. Hum and noise: less than 2mV RMS—84dB below rated output (20kHz bandwidth, unweighted, input shorted). Power supply energy storage: approximately 280 joules. Power requirements: 500W at rated output, 700W maximum, 370W at idle.
Dimensions: 19" (480mm) W by 7" (180mm) H by 15.75" (400mm) D, handles add 1 5/8" (41mm) to depth. Weight: 63 lbs (28.64kg).
Serial number of sample reviewed: 30046005.
Price: $3295. Approximate number of dealers: 58.
Manufacturer: Audio Research Corporation, 3900 Annapolis Lane North, Plymouth, MN 55447-5447. Tel: (763) 577-9700. Fax: 763-577-0323. Web:

Audio Research
3900 Annapolis Lane North
Plymouth, MN 55447-5447
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