Audio Note Compels

The corner placement required by Audio Note speakers always raises my eyebrows—there was even a mirror next to one of the speakers!—but the sound of Ivan Moravec performing Brahms late piano works, the Op.118 Intermezzi, on a secondhand Turnabout LP, was extraordinarily engaging on the Audio Note AN-E Lexus Signature loudspeakers. This was the last room I visited Saturday night and I didn’t feel the need to visit any more rooms for more music.

ken mac's picture

Along with HIgh Water sound, easily the best sound of the show. Oh, we're not supposed to say that. Ha!

FSonicSmith's picture

What turntable and tonearm is shown? Interesting that the tonearm is not parallel to the platter and is decidedly counterweight high rather than headshell high (unless the photo is distorting perspective).

roole's picture

It is Audio Note TT2 Deluxe version I think with Audio Note ARM-Three/II.