Audible Illusions Modulus 3A preamplifier MF's System

Sidebar 2: MF's System

Analog: VPI TNT Mk.3 turntable; Graham 1.5t arm or Rockport Capella linear-tracking air-bearing arm; Clavis D.C. or AudioQuest Fe5 cartridges.
Digital: EAD T-7000 transport, EAD DSP9000 Mk.3 digital processor; Audio Alchemy DTI•Pro 32 digital interface.
Amplifiers: Cary Audio 805 single-ended triode or OCM 500 solid-state.
Loudspeakers: Audio Physic Virgo or ProAc Response 2.5.
Cables: XLO Signature 3.1 phono cable (JS is right on the money describing this); otherwise A.R.T. and Yamamura Systems Millennium 5000 interconnect and speaker cable throughout (MF is right on the money describing this!). A.R.T., Transparent Audio, and Marigo Labs AC cables.
Accessories: Bright Star Audio Big Rock, Little Rock, TNT base. Townshend Audio Seismic Sink (under Bright Star TNT base and T-7000 transport). Harmonix tuning feet under Modulus 3A, A.R.T. Q Dampers under speaker spikes. Sumiko Kontak and A.R.T. TR-30 contact cleaner. Audio Industries Power Wedge (front end), Harmonix room tuning discs, and ASC Tube Traps.—Michael Fremer

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