Apogee Centaurus Slant 6 loudspeaker Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Two-way, reflex-loaded dynamic/ribbon hybrid loudspeaker. Driver complement: One 6.5" cone woofer, one 26" dipole ribbon. Crossover frequency: 1kHz. Recommended amplifier power: 50Wpc minimum, 200Wpc maximum. Nominal impedance: 6 ohms, 4 ohms minimum.
Dimensions: 14.5" W by 52.5" H by 14.24" D. Weight: 80 lbs each. Enclosure: 24 liters (0.8ft3).
Serial numbers of units reviewed: 001712/001713.
Price: $1995/pair (1995); no longer available (2008). Approximate number of dealers: 125.
Manufacturer: Apogee Acoustics, Inc., Randolph, MA 02368 (1995); original company no longer trading (2008), but see Apogee Acoustics, 438 Glenview Road, Glenview, Sunshine Coast, Queensland 4553, Australia (2015). Web: www.apogeeacoustics.com/.

Apogee Acoustics
PO BOX 1316, Caloundr, Sunshine Coast
Queensland 4551, Australia