Analogue Productions Vinyl Reissues Just Keep On Coming

Acoustic Sounds' Chad Kassem has every reason to look as happy as he does here, because this really has become a new golden age for vinyl, with so many high-quality reissues of classic albums on vinyl that it's hard to know where to start. Acoustic Sounds has established itself as one of the top players in this field with their Analogue Productions reissues, with series after series especially to tempt the jazz lover.

One recent project is Kassem's reissues of titles from the Contemporary Records catalog, recordings from the 1950s and '60s which have been praised by audiophiles for decades for their uncannily natural tone and exceptional performances from top West Coast jazz legends.

Other recent Analogue Productions projects have focused on the Verve, Prestige, and Impulse catalogs.

volvic's picture

Best quality and best customer service. I wonder if he second-guessed himself during the lean vinyl years in the 90s, with his then fledgling business. So glad they’re now so busy and doing well. My go to place for all things vinyl.

PeterG's picture

I'm with volvic (and Chad!) Between their own uniformly excellent releases, a great selection from others, and super customer service; they are absolutely my go-to for new vinyl.

Geff's picture

I liquidated my vinyl after getting into Oppo & hi-res digital in 2011.

Lately, it seems that APO almost totally focuses on vinyl; & the sound quality of much of their already low quantity SACD output has gone down while the prices have increased. FRUSTRATING.

They USED to be THE LABEL for physical hi-res digital media. I don't know that there is any consistent source today, unless Steven Wilson's name is on it as remix engineer.