Alta Audio Adam loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Digital sources: 16" MacBook Pro M1 Max running Roon 2.0. Roon ROCK (Lenovo ThinkCentre). Auralic Vega, Naim Uniti Atom controlled through an iPhone 14 Pro Max.
Preamplifiers: Benchmark HPA4, Naim Uniti Atom.
Power amplifiers: Krell FPB 200c (recapped 2020), Peachtree nova300
Integrated amplifier: Anthem STR.
Loudspeakers: Tekton Moab, MartinLogan Odyssey.
Cables: AudioQuest, Amazon, Blue Jeans, Emerald Physics. Accessories Core Power Technologies Equi-Core 1800 MkII and Deep-Core 1800 power conditioners on a dedicated 20-amp circuit. Townshend Seismic Isolation Podiums for speakers and power amplifiers.
Listening room: 22' × 14' 6" with 9' ceiling, lath and plaster. Hardwood floor over reinforced joists. Moderately damped by large, medium-thick rugs, furniture, and a tall bookcase. Wooden stairs on rear wall lead to an open second-floor landing about 18' × 10'.—Rogier van Bakel

Alta Audio LLC
139 Southdown Road
NY 11743
(631) 424-5958

leonya's picture

these medium-sized towers sound, in a word, right

No way, not with those measurements.

Poor Audiophile's picture

So they don't/can't sound "right" because of the measurements? Oh here we go again.

georgehifi's picture

That's being diplomatic.

Cheers George

ChrisS's picture

...jacket material to cover your speaker cable, or adding an Ikea cutting board under each of your components makes a difference to the sound of your system, then building and "tuning" your speaker like a musical instrument makes sense, too.

steve59's picture

I find Alta audio speakers to sound very good at shows also. Maybe it's better not to know how something measures if you like the sound?

Bacheaudio's picture

Listen at Presentation in VPI house, Huge soundstage Very controlled bass
Excellent speakers

trynberg's picture

This level of piss-poor engineering wouldn't be acceptable on a $300 pair of speakers. What a joke. I suggest the reviewer listen to music on actual high fidelity speakers to calibrate what good sound actually is. Good grief.