AIX Presents Hi-Rez Surround Sound & 3-D Video

The line outside the AIX room at Axpona, like the line outside the MBL room, was evidence that something special was happening inside. Mark Waldrep of AIX Records prefaced his AV demonstration with an interesting—and amusing—discussion of how difficult and expensive it can be to film in 3-D. There followed one of the most convincing performance clips I've yet to see: fingerstylist Laurence Juber playing a number called "White Pass Trail" on his signature Martin guitar. During the second part of this instrumental, Juber switched from mere picking to actually slapping the strings over the guitar's fingerboard extension (slapping the body, too, for percussion), and the five Thiel SCS4T loudspeakers ($3690/pair) captured perfectly the speed and impact, along with the color and texture, of those sounds. By this time of the show my wife had joined my daughter and I, and she shared my surprise at how the 3-D effect enhanced, rather than tarted-up, the performance. An impressive recreation of superb music.

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You are generally a fine writer, so it pains me to point out a grammatical error in your post.

" wife had joined my daughter and I" should read "my daughter and me."  The pronoun object of a verb must be in the objective case.  It doesn't matter if there are multiple objects.

This is a rather common error in our degenerate age, but surely, as a former schoolteacher, you know better...