Acoustic Zen's Maestro

The huge $43,000/pair Acoustic Zen Maestro loudspeaker is an imposing 225 lb, 67"-tall, 4-way, floorstanding transmission-line speaker system that physically dominated its seemingly tiny-by-comparison exhibit room. Driven by a pair of similarly oversized 100Wpc single-ended triode Junone Monoblock tube amplifiers, the Maestro loudspeakers excelled in resolving subtle instrumental timbral details that lead to a stunning sense of realism.

Patricia Barber's "Too Rich for My Blood," from her Café Blue album abounded in subtle aspects of plucked string bass, hi-hat cymbals, and the characteristic nuances of tight tom-tom heads I found missing on many other loudspeakers at the show. This made it among the handful of best-sounding speaker systems I heard at CES 2015.

Dan USA's picture

Hi Larry -
I also feel the Acoustic Zen room was one of the best sounding at the CES show. In fact, I stopped by Thursday morning for another serious listen. After listening to three songs, I had tears running down my checks. This emotional response has only happened a couple times at the CES during the past 20 years. Quite simply, If I could afford this wonderfully balanced system, I would end the search for my dream system.
I would encourage all serious music lovers to bring their favorite music to the Acoustic Zen room during future shows and experience what a well executed audio system can do for your soul.