Accuphase DP-90 CD transport & DC-91 D/A processor Specifications

Sidebar 2: Specifications

DP-90 CD transport: Digital outputs: ST-type connector with Hewlett-Packard optical link; AES/EBU balanced XLR; EIAJ-standard optical TosLink; S/PDIF coaxial. Power consumption: 12W.
Dimensions: 18.75" W by 5.875" H by 14.625" D. Weight: 45.2 lbs.
Serial number of unit reviewed: E3Y570.
Price: $7595 (1995); no longer available (2015).

DC-91 digital processor: Multiple Multi-Bit, 20-bit resolution D/A converter. Digital filter: 20-bit, 8x-oversampling. Frequency response: 4Hz–20kHz ±0.3dB. THD: 0.002% (20Hz–20kHz, no level specified). S/N ratio: 120dB. Dynamic range: 98dB. Channel separation: 112dB. Maximum output level: 2.5V for both balanced (XLR connector) and unbalanced (RCA phono jack).
Output impedance: 50 ohms. Power consumption: 42W.
Dimensions: 18.75" W by 5.875" H by 14.625" D. Weight: 49.7 lbs.
Serial number of unit reviewed: E3Y520.
Price: $13,495 (1995); no longer available (2015).

Both: Approximate number of dealers: 15.
Manufacturer: Accuphase Laboratory, Inc., 2-14-10 Shin-Ishikawa, Midori-Ku, Yokohama, Japan 225. Tel: (81) 045-901-2771. Fax: (81) 045-901-8959. US distributor: Axiss Distribution, Inc., 17800 S. Main St., Suite 109, Gardena, CA 90248. Tel: (310) 329-0187. Fax: (310) 329-0189. Web:

Accuphase Laboratory, Inc.
US distributor: Axiss Distribution, Inc.
17800 S. Main St., Suite 109
Gardena, CA 90248
(310) 329-0187

volvic's picture

Always wanted one but did not want to dish out that kind of cash, but simply as a trophy piece, but that is what my YBA CD1a is these days so pointless considering how far computer audio has come. Still absolutely beautiful gear.

JUNO-106's picture

Yes, computer audio has come a long way but sometimes it's nice to turn off all the screens and slip in a disc!

volvic's picture

Over two years now and still haven't finished importing those 5000 Cd's to the HD. Sometimes putting in a disc and pressing play is quite relaxing.

Osgood Crinkly III's picture

Am so fed up with hi-end. My Mark Levinson/Proceed CD transport died, while my ultra cheap Phillips CD player, which is just as old (older than the above Accuphase), is still going strong. Am replacing the Proceed not with another hi-end piece of junk, but with a cheap TEAC. It not only features a 24 bit/192 kHz Burr Brown processor, which I know is excellent in my TEAC DS-H01 docking station, but has a USB port for docking Apple & other products or a USB stick (the unit plays all forms of MP3 and can transfer files to an external USB memory device).

Allen Fant's picture

Beautiful for sure. The real question is this- does Accuphase still service these "vintage" spinners?