Absolare Warmth

The tube warmth of the aluminum-chassis, leather-clad Absolare Passion integrated amplifier ($24,750), a hybrid SET design with a tube preamplifier section and solid-state dual mono amplifier section that aims for a "tube sound," was a touch of heaven amidst a limbo of grayness. How lovely, after encountering a number of gray-tinged presentations in other rooms, to again hear lots of enjoyable, warm color.

Having the same sonic footprint as the Absolare power amplifier, the integrated includes gold/silver-plated tellurium signal connectors, silver-plated copper binding posts with polyethylene outer barrels, custom-matched Mundorf silver-gold-oil/TubeCap capacitors and Echole's Obsession-grade silver/gold/palladium-alloy wiring. The unit outputs 200 colorful watts into 8ohm loads.

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That`s great, Jason but did you listen to it on headphones or some God forsaken loudspeakers?