10th Anniversary Entertainment

For its 10th anniversary, the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest has lined up some stellar entertainment. With more than a little help from Kimber Kable, Nordost Corporation and Reference Recordings, Marjorie Baumert began the celebration with a pre-show performance by vocalist Lillian Boutté. The only musician since Louis Armstrong to be decorated Ambassador of Music by the city of New Orleans, Boutté brought her 30 years of experience with jazz, gospel, and R&B to the first of three performances at the show. Backing her up were Eric Gunnison on piano, Mike Marlier on drums, Mark Simon on bass, and a singer whose name was not listed in the program.

Unfortunately, between Boutté’s voice and this eager audience was positioned a sound system whose speakers’ bright edge forced me into rapid retreat. I felt exploitive snapping two photos of this gifted singer without lingering to savor her artistry, but the system left me no choice. Here’s hoping those problems are addressed before she returns to the Atrium on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.

Demondog's picture

I really enjoyed friday evening's performance. Not sure if it was Hi-Fi, but thought it was fun. We only caught the last 30 minutes, and I was sorry we didn't get back from dinner sooner. I forget what active monitors they were using, but they didn't look high end to me.