How precisely have you set up your speakers in your main system?

In one of Stephen Mejias' <A HREF="">blog posts</A>, he notes the precise alignment of his speakers. How precisely have you set up your speakers in your main system?

How precisely have you set up your speakers in your main system?
Nano-tad accuracy!
18% (53 votes)
Fairly precisely
43% (124 votes)
Aligned by eye
23% (67 votes)
Sort of in the right place
12% (36 votes)
Didn't pay too much attention
0% (1 vote)
They're way out of whack
3% (8 votes)
Total votes: 289

Paul Basinski's picture

Within a half an inch. They're heavy, Soliloquys, and spiked, so it's hard to completely dial them in. Placement clearly matters to their sound.

djl's picture

I used a tape measure to make sure each is angled the same distance from the wall next to it. I couldn't really get the distance from the listening area set to a precise measurement. But it works well enough for me!

k.  fonz's picture

accurate within cm's

Donald N.'s picture

Want to be able to go precision but, space requirements restrict me as well as She Who Knows Best!

ACF's picture

If you don't get this right, the battle's lost before you've begun.

Stephen Curling's picture

Room boundaries and furniture don't allow for precise set up. Occasionally I move the couch for better imaging.

OvenMaster's picture

Room architecture and necessary furniture pieces make proper speaker placement impossible. I'm lucky to be able to fit two speakers in here, never mind place them "properly."

Carlos E.Bauza's picture

At LEAST one meter from the side walls. The rest is sort of in the right the room permits. It would be different if I had a budget to build a proper room.

chas's picture

Setup went from two-channel to multichannel. I now find the "sweet-spot" larger, and more forgiving of small misalignments.

Anonymous's picture

bose 201 series 2 on top of 60in big screen in corner of arverage size living room

Marutei's picture

Pinpoint imagers need pinpoint setup^^

John Coyne's picture

I used a laser pointer aimed at a styrofoam head in the seating position.

Mark G.'s picture

I have done the best I can considering the shape of my room (long and not deep enough; I really need to move that back wall!)and the furniture my wife has placed in the room. I have leveled both speakers using the adjustable spikes in the stand base (sand filled) and both speakers are the same distance from the side and back wall. I have tried to leave enough space around each speaker by "adjusting" the furniture layout.

carlos gallardo's picture

I use a ruler to measure, and a mirror for blocking the reflex sounds

Dave Gray's picture

Set-up and room are more important than most of the stuff we think about.

In The Apex's picture

I'm in an 8 X 11 room with my mains 6 foot apart and 7 feet from my sweet spot in a Nearfield setup! Schweet

Rene's picture

Aligned by hearing

Dean L's picture

Several listening postions along a couch and a few room decorating issues beyond my control (i.e. wife's control) limits sonic perfection

F.  Chasinovsky, Van Nuys, CA's picture

My speakers are aligned the only way speakers ought to be aligned: by ear.

John Wagner from W.Va.'s picture

Higher resolution is always a good thing but what I want to know is when is somebody going to do a review on the Clever Little Clocks.....WOW!!!!

Billy's picture

Get a life! Oh, and listen to your music...

Dave M.'s picture

At my last home I broke out the tape measure and situated the speakers fairly accurately. Now I'm in a Vegas apartment, and I'm afraid my Hales Revelation 3's are a tad too big for the neighbors. So, I've not bothered so much with placement. Headphones are it for now.

Vlado's picture

I am using Audio Physic advice for speker set up.

john fiamengo's picture

laser used to align

Anonymous's picture

Can you say KIDS ??!!

Tim Bishop's picture

Since my grand kids live with me, they can not be "set up" all the time. When I do, I get them in the right general area, then just enjoy the music.

Jerry Rouse's picture

Left channel dustcap center to right channel dustcap center distance = 102 inches. Dustcap center to middle of my head = 102 inches, both channels. Ear level = halfway between tweeter and woofer centers. Both channels are equidistant from rear wall. Precise room placement and alignment with listening location is extremely crucial. We moved into this house nearly two years ago and I am just becoming satisfied with placement and the Velodyne vol/xover settings.

J.Clark's picture

I set mine up by ear. I position them where they sound best!

Allen's picture

Fairly precisely - initially they are correct by eye and then measurements are made. Obviously initial placement is by ear - the measurements are purely to ensure there is no difference between the channels.