Muse Erato II

Poor Kevin Halverson! Since Hesiod only named nine muses in Theogony, Kevin has had to double up as Muse's line of players has increased. The Erato II is available as a transport ($5300) or one-box CD/DVD/DVD-A player ("up to" $7300).

What does "up to" mean? "Like our other players, including the Polymynia you reviewed, you can have it configured to your needs.

"As a transport, the Erato II supports 2 / 4 / 5.x / 6 & 7.x channel formats from MAP-Link, HDMI, or bitstream interfaces. When configured as a player, both two channel and multichannel material is properly routed to a stereo pair. On-board 24-bit multi-bit converters are configured in the now famous highly differential-instrumentation amplifier topology. 24-bit/192kHz recordings make Red Book resolution sound broken, but it plays them really well, too.

""I'm ready to add Blu-Ray to it, but I'm not sure my customers are," said Halverson. Can we quote you on that?

"It beats the heck out of 'It doesn't suck,'" said Halverson.

That floor sample is kind of squished into the rack there, do you have any static display samples I could photograph?

"Funny thing, that," said Halverson. "I started the show with lots of static display samples to show all the options available. But other people's source components kept breaking down and now all of my static samples are working samples."