Transrotor Artus

I have seen few turntables, no any mechanical devices more likely to induce flat-out gadget lust than the $150,000 Transrotor Artus. It has a magnetically coupled drive assembly, which means no points of contact between motor and platter. It's machined from solid billets of high-grade aluminum, finished to an impeccable sheen. Its deck is gimbal-mounted to freakishly huge counterweights for absolute level and stability (think gyroscope here). Its power supply uses something called "Konstant M3," which I gather is pretty special, but my limited German and the Transrotor rep's far less limited English prevented me from determining in what way.

All I know is that when he switched it on and the drive's outrider counterweights started spinning and the platter started moving, I was quite simply mesmerized. It reminded me of Harrison's H1 chronometer in the Royal observatory.

At $150,000, it appears that you can purchase cool.

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I understand this unit will be on loan to the International Space Station to fully test its gravity features. Can anyone suggest what music should be sent with it?

Craig G.'s picture

ok i'll bite....the obvious choice to me is: Also Sprach Zarathustra/ 2001 a Space Odyssey (Eumir) Deodato on Citi Records circa 1972