Audes and Joanna Newsom

With another act of blatant scoopage (I'm writing this as my colleagues are meeting for breakfast), I must let you know that, while ripping through the Venetian halls, late yesterday evening, making some final preparations before today's morning activities, I nearly fell on my face at the sound of such sublime elfin wonder coming from the Audes Room (suite 29-324, conveniently close to where Primedia's Home Tech Group resides, which is to say: I'll be back, again and again.)

It was Joanna Newsom singing and harping about, you know, elves and butterflies, and fairies, making me want to grow my hair long and go search for unicorns. It was beautiful and out-of-place as only the most beautiful things can be.

More details on this room to come. For now: Breakfast!