Atocha Design’s Autumn Sale

The people behind Atocha Design want you to get your records off the floor. Hmm, have they been snooping around my apartment? Have they seen the ever-expanding mess of vinyl propped up against footstools and bookshelves? I want to get my records off the floor, too. (Help.)

And, so, Atocha Design, maker of the prettiest LP cabinet I’ve ever seen, is having its first sale. From now until November 8, lucky customers will receive 15 percent off all cabinet orders.

Nick Atocha and Jennifer Levin Atocha are music lovers. When they went shopping for LP storage appropriate for their fine collection, they were disappointed by what they found. I’ve been there, too. But while I went out and bought the cheapest thing possible (the top shelf of my Gothic Cabinet Craft rack is already bowed at the center), Nick and Jennifer decided to design and build their own.

And they did a good job. Atocha’s mid-century–inspired cabinets use sustainably harvested materials and boast custom-made solid brass drawer pulls. Wood options include American Maple, American Oak, American Walnut, and American Cherry. Each piece is built to order and there are many configurations to choose from. I might go for a sweet 6 LP cabinet with additional drawers for my 7" singles.

Of course, such fine design does not come cheap. A basic 4 LP cabinet, capable of embracing approximately 380 LPs, starts at $3900. Take 15 percent off from that, and you’re at $3315. I don’t have that kind of money. For now I’ll stick with Ikea. But the Atocha Design Cabinet looks rad, it’ll probably last a lifetime, it’ll make you happy every time you open it, it’ll impress your friends, and your records will appreciate it, too. After all, the floor is dusty and cold—no place for your precious vinyl.