Spam Filter, Where You At?

Dear "poker casino 875,"
I hate you.

I wish you would leave our forums alone. We don't want you. Audiophiles enjoy spending vast amounts of money, energy, and time on creating the illusion of live music played back in our dusty and cluttered listening rooms. We don't like casinos. They're noisy. The soundstage sucks. The imaging is total crap. The overall sonic signature is all high-end bells and whistles. Where's that magical midrange, that glorious deep bass? Unless you are providing them as some sort of absurd and mystical tweak — something that can, perhaps, be placed upon a loudspeaker or within a CD tray, for instance — we are not so much interested in your flimsy poker chips. We are not into that kind of gambling.

If you continue to visit our forums, I will continue to hate you. It is easy for me to delete you, but it's also annoying. Resistance is futile. I hate you.

Please pass this along to your friends, "poker casino 779," "poker casino 1045," "poker casino 69," and all the rest. I hate you all.


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Stephen Mejias's picture

Whew. Okay, it seems like things have slowed down just a bit. For a second there, I was pretty scared.

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Looks like you're going to have to whack the little weasels again. They're back.

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Is there a Stereophile equivalent of a Cyberdyne Systems Model T101 cyborg assassin? You could always deploy one to virtually erase the highly annoying spammer...

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>Is there a Stereophile equivalent of a Cyberdyne Systems Model T101 cyborg assassin? Not right now, no. But we're working on it. We're also working on cloning our entire staff.

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Stephen,sorry, what's a blog without spam? That's life.Spam is promotion for your products under other keywords, absolutely positiv.Greetz John