Women (and JA) Love the Vivid B1

Here we see John Atkinson caressing the relatively compact Vivid B1 loudspeaker ($15,000/pair). With the help of a second rear-mounted mid-woofer, the B1 produces a sound far larger than its modest proportions. On A Higher Note’s Philip O’Hanlon tells us that women, in particular, have been fond of this speaker.

Erick Lichte's picture

JA, have you taken to wearing Doc Marten's shoes? I miss my old brown wingtip Doc Martens...

John Atkinson's picture

Best show shoes Evah!

Fsonicsmith's picture

I hate to be crude, but that speaker appears to be fashioned after a dear part of a woman's anatomy. No wonder women like it. And just why is JA fondling it?

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

Given the shoes John is wearing, women are running the other way. The speaker is all that's left to fondle.

François Caron's picture

That room was so dark whenever I was there that I couldn't clearly see the speakers.

Stephen Scharf's picture

I hate to say it, but those are some ugly speakers. Not as ugly as Wilsons, but I wouldn't let those in my house.

Bob D. Stuckiewz's picture

Isn't this the same VIVID company that makes the adult films? Perhaps that explains both the loving touch and the double entendre aesthetics?

Fred's picture

We've gone through this before. It is an entirely separate division. Although under common ownership, the folks who make the speakers work in an another office.

dm's picture

Sorry Fred, but Vivid Audio hails from South Africa, where Laurence Dickie (of B&W Nautilus fame) designs these. Sound to die for, I've heard several models on several occasions and they're so involving and neutral. So, no relationship whatsoever with said adult entertainment company.

suits_me's picture

Those are by far the least ugly Vivid speakers yet.

Ann's picture

It's about time you folks hear from a woman who loves both the shape and the sound of these speakers. Check out their signature Giyas! It's a giant step up from from Laurence Dickie's signature B&W Nautilus. It's the best compromise as I like the look and hubby loves the sound!These are the only speakers I let into my house and all my girlfriends wish their hubby would splash for them.

Billy B's picture

My wife is a big fan of pulsating cones.

Bill's picture

My wife, who isn't a big fan of my hobby, actually gave me the thumbs up to buy a pair of these if I had wanted to after demoing them in-home. They sound wonderful but given their size are ever so shy on the low, low end only going down to 39 Hz.Still, they were by far the best sounding coned speakers I've ever heard until I got a listen to the new Wilson Sashas (at 2x the price!)

Cleo's picture

It seems like a high price for such a small limited range speaker. this is hardly a full range product, but the price is absurdly high, is it a typographical error? I read through these pages, and get the idea, that if it's expensive the writers rave, if it's less, and appears to offer more product, it is shunned. And a select few brands are always on the rave list. I am knew here, but I suspect there are high bias, on the staff.

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