Fidelio Records

Fidelio Records, based in Montreal, has an impeccable—um—record of producing CDs and SACDs of the highest technical and artistic quality. Their latest SACD of the Nemesis percussion ensemble, played back on Verity Parsifal Ovation speakers ($24,000), with a gaggle of Nagra electronics and Esoteric SACD player, made one of the best sounds I heard at the show. Fidelio recording engineer René Laflamme did a comparison for me of the SACD and the backup analog master (Nagra open-reel), and I have to admit I preferred the clarity of the SACD.

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I get so confused about open-reel quality vs. SACD vs. vinyl (probably because I haven't listened to high end systems for each).No offense but, the lady in the picture looks like a friend (beautiful friend - looks and otherwise).

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Bonjour monsieur René Laflamme,Je suis pianiste concertiste. André-Gilles Duchemin me recommande à vous. J'ai enregistré 2 disques sous son étiquette. J'aimerais vous rencontrer au sujet de mon nouveau disque.Pouvez-vous me contacter au 819-478-7154 (maison) ou 819-818-7154 (cellulaire)?Merci beaucoup et bonne journée, Anne-Marie Dubois