Wilson Audio Sasha DAW Speakers; VTL TL-7.5 Series III Linestage Preamplifier, MB-185 Series III Signature Monoblock Amplifiers, and TP-2.5i Performance Phonostage; Aurender A10 Music Server/Streamer/DAC; Pro-Ject Xtension 12 Turntable

Salon 1 Audio made its first-ever appearance at a high-end audio show with a demo room featuring upper-tier amplification from VTL’s Series III: the TL-7.5 Reference linestage preamplifier ($30,000) and MB-185 Signature monoblock amps ($22,500/pair), and the TP-2.5i Performance phonostage ($5000) paired with a Sumiko Palo Santos MC cartridge ($4500) and a Pro-Ject Xtension 12 turntable ($4500) with a lovely high-gloss mahogany wood plinth.

Driven by that VTL tube power (with some EL34 sweetness from the MB-185 monoblocks), the Wilson Audio Sasha DAW speakers ($37,900)—here in the Desert Silver finish—rendered “Celestial Echo,” from a collaboration from Malia and Boris Blank, with electronic beats that pulsed more intensely than expected with intense punch and attack—traits more often associated with solid-state than tubes, but no problem here.

The primary digital source was an Aurender A10 music server/DAC/streamer through which I heard the last part of Cécile McLorin Salvant’s version of “Wild Women Don’t Have the Blues;” her rich vocals were rendered full of body and quite natural-sounding. There was even a CD player in the setup, a Sony SCD-XA777ES ($3000). Cabling was from Transparent Audio’s Reference Series. The system was elegantly supported by Stewart Lang Furniture’s Ascensio Series racks in solid maple, an eye-pleasing departure from the usual metal stands.

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Is that the correct model number for the Sony SACD player? The one you listed was discontinued by Sony 16 years ago.

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I attended the show, and loved the set up by Salon 1.
Dispersion and depth was excellent. The Sasha's were a good eight feet from their back wall, only two feet from side walls and toe in was probably close to 60 degrees. The room was small (hotel room after all),so with such placement the listening area was quite tight. Nonetheless, I enjoyed a good 45 minutes of excellent sound, music selection not withstanding.