What is your pick for best music release for 2003?

As we wrap up the year, what do you consider the best CD, LP, SACD, or DVD-A release from 2003?

What is your pick for best music release for 2003?
It's a vinyl LP
12% (12 votes)
It's a CD
55% (56 votes)
It's an SACD
20% (20 votes)
It's a DVD-Audio disc
3% (3 votes)
2% (2 votes)
Don't have one
8% (8 votes)
Total votes: 101

John Mallon Dublin, Ireland's picture

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros: Street Core.

John Valvano's picture

Steve Hackett : To Watch The Storms

John P.'s picture

I received Let It Be...Naked by The Beatles as a gift. A very happy birthday it was!

Brandon B.'s picture

Why, the Dark Side of the Moon SACD, of course!

james madore pei canada's picture

The White Stripes on vinyl. A seven nation army couldn't hold it back!

Dave Bennett's picture

The new Joe Strummer disc.

TL's picture

Want One by Rufus Wainwright.

Woody Battle's picture

Shelby Lynne: Identity Crisis

Paul J.  Stiles, Mtn.View, CA's picture

I have made it a point to not buy much music this year in order to not support the RIAA's reign of terror and the enrichment of their law sharks. (exception: HE2003 in San Francisco, where there was lots to select from amongst the various small labels.) All-in-all, I have not heard much from the big labels that remotely interests me. From what I have heard, recording quality has gotten worse. I will say that my most enjoyable purchases for this past year (and longer) have been from the SF show—especially a blues CD of George Faber. I am looking forward to next year's SF show with great anticipation!

Wireworm5's picture

Yanni: Ethnicity

V.  Glew's picture

Without a doubt, it's the Norah Jones' Come Away with Me. I can't remember the last time I was so totally taken by a female vocalist.

Stephen Curling's picture

I've purchased more CDs this year than have the past three combined, but nothing from 2003. Better luck in 2004.

TGD's picture

Vivaldi: La Stravaganza on Channel Classics.

mayor of simpleton's picture

Shine by Daniel Lanois

Brankin's picture

It's easily Bob Dylan's SACD box set release. Two-thirds of the discs were like new music to me. The ones I had took on a new clarity and immediacy I hadn't heard on previous releases. A true treat to experience these anew 30+ yrs later! Pink Floyd's DSotM and The Who's Tommy SACD releases take a solid, but far second and third place mention. Each has been superbly reinvigorated with a breath of new life that make these warhorses vital again.

Hal33's picture

The Johnny Cash black box, Unearthed, was a complete revelation to me. Having dismissed him as "country" I managed to miss his entire career. Perhaps the great American voice.

Mike Molinaro's picture

There's a tie. Warren Zevon's The Wind and Johnny Cash's Unearthed. R.I.P. I would have marked vinyl if I could have found it on that medium! 2003: The Year The Music Died.

Javier Santiago-Lucerna, MA's picture

Dave Holland Quintet's Extended Play. Great playing—especially from Mr. Bass himself, who is always swinging, and keeping music in motion. Kudos to Robin Eubanks and Chris Potter for some imaginative solos, especially Potter, who revises the history of those who had played the instrument and invested it with glory. All around, however, what stands up is an incredible amount of group play, something sorely missing in the jazz scene nowadays.

Brian's picture

Gov't Mule's The Deepest End. Two CDs of great R'n'R and a DVD of some live footage. Runner up would have to go to Johnny Cash's The Man Comes Around—on vinyl, of course.

Dave Cook's picture

CATALOGUE NR: CHAN10122 RECORD LABEL: Chandos FORMAT: 5CD Set RELEASE DATE: 17-Oct-2003 COMPOSER: Sir Arnold Bax TITLE: The Symphonies TRACKS: Symphony No.1 in E flat. Symphony No.2 in E minor/C. Symphony No.3. Symphony No.4. Symphony No.5 in C sharp minor. Symphony No.6. Rogue's Comedy Overture. Tintagel. Symphony No.7. Vernon Handley interviewed by Andrew McGregor. ORCHESTRA: BBC Philharmonic CONDUCTOR: Vernon Handley

Dilbert's picture

The Movie soundtrack from 2 Fast, 2 Furious.

Travis Klersy's picture

Elephant by the White Stripes. Followed closely by Eleni Mandell's Country for True Lovers—both of which are available on vinyl, by the way.

macksman's picture

Iggy Pop's Skull Ring. Okay, the choice is driven by what I can't get off the system right now, but it's some real cool stuff from a great guy!

Adam's picture

Dark Side of the Moon

Louis P.'s picture

In Session by Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan. This disc absolutely smokes. They are supposedly "deferring" to one other, but if the playing were any hotter, my speakers would probably catch on fire. I had to go with the SACD, since the 45 rpm LP won't play on my Linn.

Al Earz's picture

It is a re-release of David and David's Boomtown on Classic 180G. I have loved this CD for years but the vinyl release was like getting a totally new recording from these artists. Also the re-release of Pink Floyds DSotM. In short, I guess there is no good "new" music out there ,is there?

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

The Wind, by Warren Zevon is beyond compare. I don't like CDs as a rule; however, the music on this disc makes one forget about the medium itself.

Willaim Jacke's picture

Neil Young's Greendale

Daler Bumano's picture

Elephant by The White Stripes..

Tony P., Washington, DC's picture

I hate picking favorites, but the Zehetmair Quartet's Schumann string quartets on ECM comes pretty close. Grammophone has a point.