What are your thoughts about the DualDisc format?

The record companies have agreed to create a new format called <A HREF="http://www.stereophile.com/news/080904dualdisc/" TARGET=NEW>DualDisc</A> to allow a CD on one side and a DVD video or audio program on the other. What do you think of the idea?

What are your thoughts about the DualDisc format?
Great idea!
16% (29 votes)
Looks interesting
21% (37 votes)
Maybe . . .
10% (17 votes)
Hmmmm . . .
19% (33 votes)
Don't care for the idea
19% (33 votes)
Hate the idea!
15% (27 votes)
Total votes: 176

Oliver, Germany's picture

Another Form of the CD/SACD-Hybrid disc? What is the clue?

Daniel Emerson's picture

Just another bodge job from an industry that's lost the plot.

Stephen Curling's picture

It's neat to see 20-year-old technology being used in different ways.

Woody Battle's picture

Music video sales are very small compared to CD sales. Some CDs have been packaged with DVDs; this made no significant impact on sales. I don't understand why anyone believes putting a DVD and a CD on a single disc will help at all.

sgh1's picture

i am at the point where i am sick and tired of the afffliction known as the latest and the greatest. all i want is a well-recorded CD that is not mucked up by protection schemes and multimedia extras. Simplicity—does anybody remember that concept?

Dimitris Caradimos's picture

Th industry is going to provide mostly uninteresting stuff and use it as a poor excuse to keep prices high. I'd rather they keep the DVD part to themselves and bring CD prices down to a reasonable level.

Graeme Nattress's picture

What's the point of so-called high-rez formats until the record producers can just master a normal CD correctly? DualDiscs will be prone to damage and failure over time, and will probably get stuck in some CD players' drawers. What's the point of a format like that?

Randy's picture

Couldn't really care much since DVD audio has mostly been devoted to pop releases.

Jim Germann's picture

It may be finally happening, one disc with many formats on it. I hope that one format isn't chosen to be superior over the competing one, like what is going on today with the hardware. BUT I still wish for a resumption of the Mercury Living Presence series on LP's. There are a lot of them that haven't been re-issued so far. What a wonderful dream that is!

FJC - Kent, England's picture

Is this DVD's answer to the competition from the hybrid SACD and a means to catch up in the sales statistics? My other thoughts: 'Will we see the DVD audio medium exploited to its full hi-res capacity with better sound quality or is it only an attempt by the record companies to rip off their customers once again?' 'Where does the label go?'

Bob S.'s picture

If they use the non-CD side for DVD-Audio, then great! If it's used for DVD-Video, then ho hum.

HpW's picture

One more for the complete format war...

T-Rex's picture

They appear to have finally put their crack pipes down in favor of something a wee bit logical! Should have been done this way from the start. All released media should be able to play on all our devices from two-channel, SACD two- and multichannel, DVD +, and DVD-A!

Al Earz's picture

Makes me wonder if the quality will be compomised and where is the label?

Steve Graham's picture

As long as it has high rez audio for us, CD and video for everyone else bring it on!

CDman's picture

To my mind, the fact that they have got to glue the two discs together says it all. And where does the label go?

Rex's picture

Like most DVD-based A/V media, the DualDisc comes with too many issues and a lack of real standards. I think all it will do is confuse the marketplace even further. I'll stick with vinyl and SACD (and CD when I can't get vinyl/SACD) for now.

Al Marcy's picture

Remember when vinyl had more music on the other side? What a concept!

Travis Klersy's picture

Yet another product that isn't going to save the music industry.

audio-sleuth's picture

Considering how bad the CD part of a hybrid SACD/CD sounds when compared to a normal CD; just how crummy can they make CD?

Mike Agee's picture

I want my audio dollar (and the resources of artists, producers, and record companies) to go towards making the best music possible. Diluting the musical message with a visual one and the resulting prequisite that artists be attractive has led to lots of mediocre music, cosmetic surgery, absurd hints of lightweight soft-porn on classical CD covers, and the sidelining of less-than-pretty artists. How much great music are we missing from musicians whose gifts are primarily musical?

Dick Stevens's picture

I hope that they do a better marketing job. Most people have never heard of SACD or DVD Audio.

Louis P.'s picture

But only if the discs are priced right. Twenty dollars is way too expensive, since you can get concert videos for less than that. At around $15, it would worth it if the audio portion of the video was of sufficient quality.

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

Forget DualDisc! I'd rather play my vinyl discs on my ol' Dual 'table.

Anonymous's picture

Another format? Do we really need this? I'm sure that all of the R&D money going into this could be spent more wisely. What are we going to see on DualDisc, more Brittany Spears and other clones shaking their body parts that have no real musical creativity?

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

If Hi rez formats are to survive and prosper they will hvae to become mainstream formats. But then they need to replace the single format only discs.

Norm Strong's picture

Before I embraced such a disc I'd have to know why it's not possible to make a disc just like a hybrid SACD/CD. I've not yet read a clear explanation of why.

James's picture

I have no interest in the video content and certainly won't pay a premium for it. DVD-A is already a hassle because of its need for a display.

Machias's picture

At least for classical music I don't see any need for DVD video. For a dual layer audio disc, I'd say O.K.

Frosty's picture

Labels! Where are the labels gonna go? If both sides are "read" sides, how ya gonna know what disc you have in your sweaty li'l palm?