That VooDoo That You Do: VooDoo Cable

The fellows in the VooDoo Cable room were playing Joni Mitchell’s Travelogue, arranged and conducted by Vince Mendoza.

The system featured the Belles Reference 150A power amplifier, ModWright 36.5 preamp with dual-mono power supply, Sony XA-5400ES SACD player with ModWright Truth modifications, and PS Audio P600 multi-wave AC power regenerator. The speakers were VooDoo’s own, a prototype, which should be available in about a year. And the cables, of course, were all VooDoo: Stradivarius Cremona interconnects with high-purity copper and silver conductors ($1500/1m pair, RCA), Stradivarius Cremona speaker cables ($2000/4ft pair, single-wire), and Super Tesla SE ($1500/3ft) and Crystal Vajra ($1050/3ft) power cords.

The sound was smooth and relaxed, with good top-to-bottom coherence and an especially sweet, liquid midrange.