Vapor Audio, Purity, Lampizator

With a name like Lampizator, as in Lukasz Fikus' "Audio from Poland with Love," who wouldn't be intrigued? The good news is, even paired with Vapor Audio's day-old Derecho loudspeakers ($7600/pair), which Ryan Scott builds behind his house in Hot Springs, MO, Lampizator's Level 7 DAC ($9650) and SQBX Based transport ($2650), Purity Audio's Silver Statement preamp ($35,000) with ultra power supply, and PSE300B 18W monoblocks ($26,000/pair with Sophia Electric 300B tubes), and Verastar cabling won me over with their beautiful sound.

The sound on a Red Book track by Peter Gabriel was distinguished by wonderful warmth and air. An 88.2/24 track by Cassandra Wilson, which sounded luscious, further convinced me that these components have a lot to offer. I left the room wanting more.

Pro-Audio-Tech's picture

I would never have imagined these speakers were $7600, I thought they were $20 or $30K!! That's allota speaker for the buck!