Vanatoo Transparent One Speakers Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of Vanatoo Transparent One Speakers (MSRP $499.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

The Vanatoo Transparent One powered speakers set a new price/performance benchmark in the audiophile world. They produce unexpectedly great sound quality (honest, tight bass down to 48Hz!) from small bookshelf speakers that give you a lot of flexibility in how you use them. They are equally at home as a desktop audio system, a music streaming solution for a room where you want music but not stacks of equipment, or as a compact system you take with you on your weekend getaways.

Just the Facts: 48-20,000Hz +/- 3dB response at 90dB+ over listening window; 5 ¼ inch aluminum cone XBL woofer; 1 inch silk dome tweeter; 5 ¼ inch long-throw passive radiator; 60 watt/channel D2Audio amplifier with integrated DSP; Built in DAC with USB, coax, and optical inputs; Analog input; Volume, bass, and treble controls; Subwoofer output with auto-sensing (removes bass from Transparent One); 3 year warranty; Supported by the people who designed it and know it best!

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

remlab's picture

Good luck to me!

WAF Warrior's picture

and a glass of redwine.

alexk's picture

I'm in.

Cricket's picture

Yep, I could do with those.

findog3103's picture

I have been wanting these for awhile now.

katie's picture

If you'll send me the speaker I promise to buy a nice bottle of red wine

matthra's picture

The sound of music ...

Stevelgbch's picture

Would work real good with my new MacPro!

Tru523's picture

Can music ever have enough compression?

martian's picture

Hopefully they sound good as well.

Dick James's picture

I feel a winner.

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Hope you pick me.

malvo's picture

me please!

allthetime's picture

This will hook my college son into a lifetime of consuming ever-increasingly expensive audio equipment instead of taking vacations or buying his wife jewelry. hahaha.

otaku's picture

Sweet replacement for my Audioengine 2's.

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I would be happy if I won them

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I can haz speaker?

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I'm greedy enough to want these!

doak's picture

Count me in! :)

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I'll post for that...

Kilgore Trout's picture

No one would read them

giganticnorskie's picture're the coolest.

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I would love this as a gift!

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I'm in and I hope to win!

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I could really use these, Thanks !!!

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I'll take Vanatoo or three

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I want them please

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...I like the sound of that!

torturegarden's picture

I could really use some new computer speakers.

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Rocking speakers

xyzip's picture

Contest entry.

DustyC's picture

One way to get decent sound for modest bucks. Powered speakers dispense with the cost of those fancy amp chassis that everybody charges a fortune for. Great Job!

corrective_unconscious's picture

I may still be living in the 19th Century, but I'd still like to win these.

jfk33's picture

iiiiii'll take it

eliotc's picture

I heard these at the New York Audio Show and they were really impressive for the size and price. Would work beautifully on a desk.

kchamblin's picture

I would LOVE to have these speakers.

Music_Guy's picture

It could happen!

Valentine M. Smith's picture

Thank you for the opportunity to win. :)

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Look stunning!

jhwalker's picture

Yes, please!

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Have been coveting some nice desktops, this would do the trick!

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Mine, mine, mine

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Looks nice and small, perfect for many places around the house

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RoadDawgWest's picture

Transparent One

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Count me in!

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cuz I needs me some decent speaks!

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I need some powered desktop speakers!

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You can never have too many good speakers.

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Need more speakers!

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You can come to Maui and set them up for me.

nonoise's picture

It would be nice to compare to my old Audioengine 2s

hypernox2001's picture

high fidelity
the reproduction of sound with little distortion, giving a result very similar to the original.
"high-fidelity speakers"

I bet these speakers fit the bill

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Wrong side of the pond, come on just once guys ... how about something for us internationals

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I'd like to win please!! :-D

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I guess free stuff is fine

prof's picture

Excellent! ....

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these would look great on my desk at school

culp's picture

Pretty please be me

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look nice. Could use a pair

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I am in need of studio monitors!

BlueSteelAudio's picture

I heard these at Newport and was very impressed with the sound on male vocals.

timosmith's picture

I currently don't have computer speakers and heard these at the Capitol Audiofest...amazing sounding speakers!

alphaiii's picture

Thanks Stereophile

JoeinNC's picture

In my tiny apartment, these would be my main speakers...

JoeinNC's picture

In my tiny apartment, these would be my main speakers.

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I can haz?

funambulistic's picture

Would like to try my luck...

lesliejazz's picture

Would love to win

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...really want these.

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why not, I can make good use of them.

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I just moved cross-country without my stereo. Would be a perfect new beginning!

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I never win.

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Thank you guys for these great speakers!

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I hope I win!

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These are perfect for my small apartment and I can hook up my computer based sound system to the digital input!

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I'll take a chance on these.

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Should make for a great accessory for my laptop.

Glotz's picture

It's back, and thank you!

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Make my kid's Christmas!

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I would be obliged to enter for these fanciful things

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These seem pretty nice for desk use

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james's picture

speakers look useful. i'm in

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...I'll drink to that!

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Those bad boys would sound great in my office!

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count me in

Anton's picture

Better and better gets more and more affordable.

matheusgeyer's picture

I Want them, please!

Philer's picture

Powered speakers, love them! Curious to hear what Vanatoo brings to an interesting concept.

BradleyP's picture

Maybe the tenth time is a charm. That's a handsome audio rig.

Luke Zitterkopf's picture

Who would not want a free pair of speakers? Will be fun to try them out.

Metalhead's picture

Count me in. Thanks for the chance.

georgehifi's picture

I'd love a pair of these, to replace my ageing Altec computer speakers.

zerodeefex's picture

Count me in! I'd love to win a pair.

Rob Falkner's picture

These look good.

misterc59's picture

International enthusiasts are more than welcome to pay for subscriptions, and help out the magazine, but unfotunately are unable to participate in wonderful contests such as this... pity

veggieboy2001's picture

Vanatoo makes an awesome product!

guitarist9273's picture

I'd love these. :)

George S's picture

Oh how I need these for my drab office....'s picture

The future is for digital amplifiers with DSP

John Toste's picture

on my mashed potatoes

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mmatukewicz1's picture

These speakers would be a welcome addition.

markotto's picture

They sure look a lot better than my old Altec desktops!!

Rufustyran's picture

Nice glass of wine, next to some sort of speaker. Thank you

Brankin's picture

Looks like a cool product!

schmecty's picture

Give them to me. Please?

TravisPatrick's picture

Yes, please!

mcrumm56's picture

Vana Me Too

Dr.Kamiya's picture

Let's roll the dice!

James K's picture

This is want I want !

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Don't have computer speakers and these look great

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Looks interesting.

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I'm in :)

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So far so good. Semper Fi

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be a good start for new system

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Someone is going to be thankful for their ears when they win these!

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Looks nice!

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Just what I need!

edahlen's picture

I've been hearing good things about these speakers.

partain's picture

Gimme !

krahbeknudsen's picture

Nice device!

dbchetkin's picture

I would really like to check these out for my home studio recordings and then connect them to my Audio Research preamp and Linn turntable. Could be the ultimate solution and all that one will ever need.
Speaker shopping is a pain.
You have to purchase them and listen to them on your own system, burning them in for a sufficient amount of time before the return policy runs out. I am currently unemployed and have plenty of time to burn them in. Send these my way. I will give them a workout.

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Millsdm's picture

Cheers and good luck to everyone!'s picture

feeling lucky...

illli2014's picture

Hope to find out how these sound!

jutell's picture

I'm in as well

RBrooks's picture

Thanks in advance !

Nellomilanese's picture

Need these to go with my iMac :-D

Nellomilanese's picture

Need these to go with my iMac :-D

Bluejimbop's picture

... computer speakers, nor a job. Know what I'm sayin'?

Jodell1973's picture

I would love to own a pair of these

mw1975's picture

bang for the buck there might be no better powered bookshelf. had to pack up my rotel avr and surround system. i really would love them so i can have decent tv and music audio again.

Valnejia's picture

Obviously, I'd love a pair of these (they remind me of Genelecs at the studio) -- but good luck to everyone else, too!

Nuz1's picture

Thank you!

mxradul's picture

would love to add these to my home setup

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I could really use these.

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Would look (sound) great on my desk

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I'd enjoy those in the office.

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Sweet and tannic!