VAC, VPI, Acora Acoustics

Acora Acoustics' Valerio Cora, VAC's Kevin Hayes, and VPI's Mat Weisfeld are big dudes. They make big equipment. It makes big sound. Their audio assemblage at FLAX produced music that was more than big; it was overwhelming.

This great rig made a mighty appearance in the Westshore ballroom playing a wide variety of tunes: Elton John when his talent was big ("Rocket Man"); Melody Gardot (not big, but big talent) sounding live; Oscar Peterson playing "Summertime" as if he (another big man) was in the room; and Syd Lawrence's big orchestra amassed in front of me with big, shouting brass and colossal drums.

Whether the playback was digital or analog, it always sounded natural and precise, with impact, sterling dynamics, lithe action, and solidity. Even Manu and the Two Snowths and their Muppets-generated hit "Mah Nà Mah Nà" (by Italian composer Piero Umiliani, another big talent) sounded rich, present, and full.

What was in this overwhelming system?

  • Weisfeld's VPI Titan Direct turntable with one tonearm ($60,000) paired with a Hana Umami Red MC cartridge ($3950);
  • An Aurender N30SA Reference music server ($25,000) and LampizatOr Poseidon DAC ($23,000);
  • A VAC Statement Phono Stage ($80,000) feeding a VAC Statement linestage ($80,000), on to a pair of VAC Statement 450 iQ amplifiers ($67,000/each);
  • A pair of Acora Acoustics VRC-1 loudspeakers in "Sunset Fire" granite ($218,000/pair).
  • Cabling by Cardas including Cardas Clear Beyond interconnects ($5050/1m pair), Clear Speaker cables ($5275/2.5m pair), Clear Beyond power cables ($2965 2m), Clear Digital coax 75 ohm ($800 1.5m), and a Cardas Nautilus power strip ($1200).
When you and your wallet are big and fat, and you're ready for some of the best sounds in hi-fi, hit the dealer and tell them I sent you. Though I'm not that big except my head and my hear when I let it grow.

You can get a tiny taste of this big experience in the video below. Be sure to use headphones and watch it full screen.

rschryer's picture gorgeous!

Anton's picture

At first, I thought it was marble, I didn't take it for granite!

rschryer's picture

I doubt their speakers come in a kitchen counter-top finish, but I can't granite-ee-it.

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... Gordon Lightfoot's music at a hi-fi show?
Nice change of pace from the typical demo fare.

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I bet the exhibitor could read your mind.

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... a ghost that you can't see.