VAC Statement 450i iQ Integrated Amplifier, Von Schweikert Ultra 9 Loudspeaker System, Esoteric Grandioso D1 DACs

Disorder was the order of the day as everyone and their father ogled and chatted about the VAC Statement 450i iQ integrated amplifier ($150,000). During my relatively brief visit to this free-for-all space, in which demonstrations alternated between two systems, there were up to six people standing in front of the one I tried to hear. At one point, someone blocked the speaker on one side while a company rep chatted it up with someone on the other.

Initially, the sound was far too quiet to appreciate, but when it was turned up, I discovered a midrange-strong system, albeit with a somewhat flat top end, that seemed to be playing a string of classical blockbuster extracts. As I had no opportunity to hear the equipment at its best, nor to sample vinyl, it seems best to simply list the other key components: Von Schweikert Ultra 9 loudspeaker system ($200,000/pair) with V-12XS Shockwave subwoofer ($11,500); Esoteric's Grandioso P1 CD transport ($38,000), two Grandioso D1 monoblock DACs ($19,000/each), and G-01 clock ($20,000); Aurender A100 streamer/server/renderer; Critical Mass Olympus V-12 Luxury rack ($61,500 total), and Masterbuilt Signature cables.

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No offense intended whatsoever to the actual gentleman photographed, however, wouldn’t it at least further the hobby to seek out and photograph some of the next generation of audiophiles having fun at Axpona? Its almost like the stereotype of an older than average white guy with dad jeans and a cane was your intended image...hey, wait, is that me and my hoodie?

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If you look at the photo with the gentleman closely, you will notice that there is another person standing in front of said gentleman (a pant leg and shoe is visible). Perhaps this was his son, representing "the next generation of audiophiles". :-)

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May be his grandson ........ That is encouraging ....... High-end audio may have a great future after all :-) ......

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..and says “I discovered a midrange-strong system, albeit with a somewhat flat top end”...I spent an afternoon in front of this system and your assessment couldn’t be further from the truth. By your own admission you didn’t have an opportunity to critically listen to this incredible system. You therefore should recuse yourself from offering any opinions regarding the VSA/VAC opinion..