The USA's Favourite Hi-Fi Publication Announces Expansion Of Its Editorial Team

Jim Austin appointed Stereophile Editor as John Atkinson transitions to new role as Technical Editor

NEW YORK, NY— AVTech Media Americas announces key editorial changes at its premier hi-fi title, Stereophile. John Atkinson, Stereophile's Editor and guiding light for 33 years, will step down from this position following the publication of the June (coverdate) issue, while Jim Austin will formally assume the mantle of Stereophile's Editor from the July issue. John will remain a key member of the Stereophile team in his capacity as Technical Editor, contributing reviews and in-depth lab tests. Herb Reichert is promoted to Senior Contributing Editor.

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“It is impossible to overstate the impact that John Atkinson has had in reporting and shaping the audiophile landscape during his 33 years as Editor of Stereophile, so I am delighted to say that this is less the end of an era than a transition to another as John segues into a new role as our Technical Editor. Art Dudley, another Stereophile veteran, remains in his post as Deputy Editor, now with expanded responsibilities, and is joined by Jim Austin, previously Senior Editor at Science magazine and regular Stereophile contributor, as our new Editor.

“Jim's extensive editorial experience, scientific training, and passion for hi-fi make him a natural for this role as we embrace the opportunities to better serve our readers with cutting-edge reviews and thought-provoking features. This expansion further reinforces the strength in depth of the Stereophile team, maintaining its voices and core values into the years ahead. The future looks very exciting indeed!”

Paul Miller – Editorial Director AVTech Media Ltd/AVTech Media Americas Inc., The UK Hi-Fi Show Live Organiser, President of EISA

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Best wishes to both JAs, and all the best for the new era!

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Mr. Atkinson certainly is the guiding light for the Stereophile magazine ....... Without JA's analysis of the various measurements of the audio equipment, high-end audio would not be where it is today ........ In addition, JA is one of the best reviewers of the sound quality of the audio equipment ........ Thank you Mr. Atkinson ........ We are all very much indebted to you, JA ......... We are all looking forward to many more years of JA's contribution to the Stereophile magazine :-) .........

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He's the Hunter S Thompson of Hi Fi!

Are you sure he's stable enough for the position? ;-P

Anything that gets us more Herb is fine by me!

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You're in the US! It's "favorite"!


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I've already got a 'Dollars to Pounds' app ready for my July issue review reading.

After March, will the magazines still cover EU based Hi Fi Gear?

We should start a betting pool for the first time a piece of American gear is reviewed in Stereophile and it's "imported."

"The new Gibbon Charli XCX has been added to DeVore's updated model line. Imported from Brooklyn..."

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Outstanding! Two JAs on board now. Salute!

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What does a Contributing Editor do, is he a Freelancer with proven abilities and a Readership Draw? Mr. HR qualifies !

His writings could certainly "Image" better with a bit more room, like 5,000 Word room instead of the far fewer word confinement that he's been squeezing meaning and understanding into. Give the man his Space, he's not a little Box Speaker, he's more like a Big Line Source Speaker powered by a wide ranging group of fascinating Amplifications.

Mr.HR = two thumbs up!!

Tony in Michigan

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JA clearly worked hard for the long term, and was honest to himself about hifi. Good stuff.

His commitment to measurements made Stereophile completely schizophrenic (describe one thing, measure another), but at least he gave me something to take an interest in. I fear for the future of measurements in this mag as JA transitions out: we will see how the new editorial team handles the ongoing self-contradictory content. Fingers crossed.

Reichert made more sense to me when he penned Casual Reactions, and the context he served there. Giving him more influence will never seem wise to me: in fact it's a potential red flag.

All the best, and let's hope some shreds of reality still cling to Stereophile content, whether by design or in spite of it. Mr Holt doesn't want to turn any further in his grave.

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Rather, that at times contradiction is simply reality.

Pure subjective opinion-making will be susceptible to biases. That is the nature of humanity. The measurements brought a fact-check element to the publication. This is a real strength to Stereophile. Without it, there would be little differentiating factor between this and something like TAS or Hi-Fi+ or a number of other audiophile publications.