Totem’s Element Series

Totem was showing their new Element Series of loudspeakers. Both the stand-mounted Fire ($6000/pair) and floorstanding Earth ($9000/pair) use Totem’s 7-inch Torrent hand-assembled driver and employ no crossover parts in the woofer section.

The speakers’ 4-coat polyester finish is exquisite, smooth and gleaming to the point of appearing wet. The cabinet itself is cleverly sloped and angled so that the speakers seem much smaller than they actually are; from the listening position, all one can see is the front baffle. This construction, Totem’s Vince Bruzzese explained, works to get rid of parasitic energy as quickly as possible. Around the rear, the speakers use WBT’s platinum connectors.

The speakers were partnered with the Rogers High Fidelity EHF-100 vacuum tube stereo integrated amplifier ($6000) and an Accuphase CD player.

The sound was fast, immediate, speedy, and quick. Moving from the smaller Fire to the larger Earth resulted in a more solid bottom end and a greater sense of ease without sacrificing any of that speedy quickness.

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Which advertising agency do they use? That billboard behind the speakers needs some rethinking.  What's with the guy and the tie around his head doing ?  

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The pictures were taken during Totem's last Xmas party... Only kidding. Yes the guys look a bit nerdy but the girls are awesomeheart

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I think they are trying to imply that their speakers are so involving......

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Bang on robertG and thanks for saying that, I try not to comment on the ladies as this is a hi-fi site.  Remlab you must have excelled in poetry class, able to figure out the meaning of each sonnet while the rest of us struggled.  I guess that is what the ad is trying to convey but damn that misses the mark. 

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The firm itself is cleverly angled and tilted so that the players seem much smaller than they really are: the listening position,cirque totem tickets all we see is the front baffle. This construction, Totem Vince Bruzzese said, cheap cirque totem tickets is working to get rid of the parasitic energy as quickly as possible.