Theta Digital DSPro Basic D/A processor Review System

Sidebar 2: Review System

The Theta DSPro Basic was auditioned (after an epic struggle prying it away from Dick Olsher) in my reference system, which consists of VTL 225W Deluxe monoblocks driving Hales System Two Signature loudspeakers, with level control provided by an Electronic Visionary Systems Stepped Attenuator passive control unit (reviewed last month, along with the Hales signatures). The preamp, used briefly, was a Classé Audio DR-5 (footnote 1).

Speaker cable was AudioQuest Green Hyperlitz and interconnect the Expressive Technologies IC-1, Music Metre, and van den Hul D-102 Mk.II. My listening room is temporary home to quite a collection of digital processors including a Wadia 2000, Wadia X-32, Stax DAC-X1t, Proceed PDP, and an Aragon D2A (this last also designed by Mike Moffat). All processors were driven by the Esoteric P2 CD transport through both coaxial interconnects (Nakamichi or MIT CVT-330) and a JVC optical cable. In addition, a JVC XL-Z900 DAT machine playing original master tapes provided the Basic with a 48kHz input signal. The dedicated listening room's dimensions were chosen for best distribution of room resonant modes.—Robert Harley

Footnote 1: The DR-5 hasn't been formally reviewed yet, but I will alert readers that this is an excellent preamp reasonably priced at $1995.
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